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The combination of communications, drafting concepts and reporter instincts ensures a progressive content marketing plan that delivers results

Award winning reporter

By winning the ‘Bridgestone e-reporter’ competition in 2009, years of on- and off-track reporter skills received recognition internationally.


Stories are needed to be shared. Not only by formal press releases, but also through a close look behind the scenes. A content strategy that makes a difference.


Creating platforms that are innovative. Finding sweet spots and be different. That’s an ongoing challenge for success.


Reporting requires skills to discover news, to connect with relevant stakeholders and sometimes not to write everything that has been heard. But also, especially in case of motorsport, chasing the drivers and people you need at full-speed while bearing in mind all the topics which are needed to be covered is something you need to like as well.

With almost a decade of experience in national and international motorsport report, no challenge is difficult to tackle.


  • Covering (live) international events
  • Live reports through social media
  • Writing news & interview articles
  • Writing background stories & behind the scenes
  • Coordinating media (text, photo & video)
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  • Content strategy & creation
  • Community management
  • PR plan
  • Press officer
  • Press accreditation
  • PR & social media analyses & monitoring
  • Website support
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What project, event, or service do we need to bring into the spotlights? Who do we want to target? How, where, when? What are the key values? What do sponsors and other stakeholders want? Which resources are needed and how do we keep momentum? Communications starts with a thorough strategy.

After building a structure, the next step is thinking about the creation of content. To come up with innovative ideas to spread the believes and thoughts is essential next to a pro-active approach on public relations. Building relationships with media, guiding them towards perfect interviews and to supply them with official information is self-evident.

We helped various clients move forward. From drivers, teams and race series, to international projects and events.


Great ideas usually starts with a blank piece of paper. To put a ‘gut-feeling’ onto paper, research needs to be done to be sure in finding the right sweet spot: the topic you want to cover must be unique, or innovative ideas needs to be attached. Perhaps you foresee a great future for a specific service, online platform or event. Then you are at the right address, especially when it has a ‘sustainable touch’.

We initiated several online platforms that created interest.


  • Concept strategy
  • Finding ‘sweet spots’
  • Creative ideas
  • Project management
  • Boosting team spirit
  • Commercialisation
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Formula Blue Media

With almost a decade of experience in international motorsport report, sustainable motorsport, communications and public relations, I'm always open to find out about your innovative ideas in order to help you move forward.

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