Formula Blue Media, what’s in the name?

Rooted in racing, seeing blue as the trendy new ‘green’ and combining these areas of interest with media production: Formula Blue Media

Tim Biesbrouck

Reporter and Communicator
With almost a decade of experience in international motorsport report, sustainable motorsport, communications and public relations, I’m always keen to find out about your innovative ideas in order to help you move forward.


What once started with initiating a news website covering the Dutch and international racing scene, developed in a professional basis for reporting and public relations. One achievement was being selected as the overall winner of the 2009 Bridgestone e-reporter competition after covering the GP2 Series at the Hungaroring in Hungary.

With an international title under the belt, expanding work experience was never easier. With covering international motorsport events, first published work in national magazines and extending PR-work for drivers, teams, events and racing series, it was no mistake to pursuit dreams while fine-tuning work.


  • Covering (live) international events
  • Live reports through social media
  • Writing news & interview articles
  • Writing background stories & behind the scenes
  • Coordinating media (text, photo & video)
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  • Content strategy & creation
  • Community management
  • PR plan
  • Press officer
  • Press accreditation
  • PR & social media analyses & monitoring
  • Website support
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Communications & Sustainability

While taking first steps in motorsport report, broadening duties in communications was self-evident. In an attempt to follow a ‘gut-feeling’ to work on projects that embraces a sustainable, but cool, future; there was no doubt in joining Formula Zero in 2008, world’s first zero emission championship with hydrogen electric vehicles. Unfortunately that project was way ahead of its time.

When being asked to move to Berlin to set-up the press and communications department for City Challenge GmbH, there was no hesitation. While organising city centre races and other entertainment, like the 2012 Baku City Challenge, the German company has the ambition to organise a zero emission championship.

However, new cool (green themed) projects like 80 Day Race came along too, where communications is key to spread stories and believes. That’s inspiring!


The wish to build a (online) platform have always been part of life: seeing and creating chances to distinguish became a passion. One first highlight was being a co-initiator of RaceXpress, which is currently the most popular visited website about motorsport in the Netherlands.

Appointed by Dutch F1 commentator Olav Mol in 2012, and an initiative of Flare Media, published the most remarkable and newsworthy Formula 1 stories and videos every day.

After taking the first steps into sustainable racing in 2008, it seemed that the electrification of motorsport was inevitable. And that deserved a platform for general fans and insiders to get the latest news, trends, photos and videos. was born in 2011 and was the first medium to fully cover the FIA Formula E Championship.


  • Concept strategy
  • Finding ‘sweet spots’
  • Creative ideas
  • Project management
  • Boosting team spirit
  • Commercialisation
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